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Mike Aquilina discusses the life of this very early Church Father.

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John Bergsma and Michael Barber discuss the role of the Bible in Catholic Theology, highlighting a new document from the International Theological Commission.

In this interview, Mike Aquilina unpacks the life and times of St. John Damascene (c. 676-754), the last of the Church Fathers.  St. John was a great hymn writer and theologian who, in response to the iconoclast heresy,  gave us the first theology of the icon based on the Incarnation.

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Mike Aquilina discusses St. Gregory of Nyssa, a great thinker and man of prayer of the 4th century.

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Dr. Scott Hahn, on a St. Paul Center pilgrimage to the Holy Land explains how St. Paul, often understood as the favorite New Testament writer among Protestants, is profoundly Catholic when you know how to read him.