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Signs of the Covenant: Transforming Lives and Renewing Relationships features six lectures by St. Paul Center President, Dr. Scott Hahn, and his wife Kimberly on the connections between the Church’s sacraments and the relationships we live everyday. Each hour-long talk helps unpack the necessity of God’s grace to our most important relationships—marriage, family, and friendships—and demonstrates how the sacraments are essential to loving people as God wants us to love them. 

Talk titles include:

• The Sevenfold Covenant

• The Art of Friendship

• When Words Are Deeds: How Sacraments Shape Our Lives

• Married Life as Ministry I: Living Out Our Domestic Liturgy

• Married Life as Ministry II: Living Out Our Domestic Liturgy

• We Must Be Sworn Again

Previously only available for purchase on CD, Signs of the Covenant can now be listened to online at SalvationHistory.com or downloaded to an mp3 player, both for free. It joins eight other multi-part audio courses—on the Gospels, the early Church, Paul’s letters, and more—as well as more than a dozen downloadable lectures on the Church Fathers, the sacraments, and popular conversion stories. 

To listen to Signs of the Covenant, visit SalvationHistory.com and click on audio. You’ll see it listed in the right hand column under “Audio Courses.” While you’re there, make sure to visit our library, where we’re regularly adding new articles on liturgy, apologetics, and Scripture, as well as homily helps for busy priests. No matter what your area of interest, you’ll almost always find something new at SalvationHistory.com.

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